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The Only Investing and Trading Conference That Helps You Make More Money
If you want to unlock the ENORMOUS income potential and ACCELERATE the growth of your portfolio, you need to attend our 5th Annual Investor's Blueprint Live Trading Conference.

When: January 28-30, 2019
Where: Hyatt Place - Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida

Investor's Blueprint Live is our annual expert-led training and trading conference. You get hands-on, interactive training on the best strategies and tactics for Options, Stocks, Portfolio Growth, Income and Tax Management (because who wants to pay taxes?).

You will learn and practice the strategies with your instructors: Michael Shulman (Options and Portfolio), Jon Lewis, (Options), Bob Iaccino (Stocks and Portfolio).

Then, you'll trade those strategies with your instructors so you can put them into action for profitable trading, immediately.
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Listen to Recent Attendees and Watch the 2018 Conference Recap
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Here's What You'll Learn and Trade During the 2019 Conference
LEAP Call 2.0 - This single strategy is where many investors leave easy money on the table. You'll learn how to pick it up.
Advanced Options Tactics - Simple yet advanced options tactics that slash your risk and increase your profits.
Hedging Your Portfolio Using Options - Everyone is concerned with the next market crash. Shouldn't you know how to profit from it?
Trade Management Strategies - Learn how to close more trades for profits and what to do when a trade goes "wrong" yet still come out with a gain.
The Power Profit Index - A unique tool to help you find profitable options trades FASTER.
Earnings Volatility Crush - Most traders HATE earnings announcements. We LOVE them (and you will, too once you master this simple options trade that profits from earnings.
Premium Selling Strategies - New tactics for using spread strategies for consistent income.
The Stock Hunter - How you can find stocks with potential gains of 20% to 160%.
The Stock Trader - Simple tactics to BUY stocks at lower prices and sell them at HIGHER prices.
The Smart Portfolio - Top secret (yes, really, top secret) portfolio strategy that protects you from market crashes while increasing your profits from stocks.
Tax Strategies for Today's Investor - Would you rather send MORE money to the IRS or LESS money?
Treat Your Portfolio Like a Business - Unique approach to building a portfolio that grows, profits and guards against risk.
"This event is without a doubt worthwhile attending. The ability to talk directly with the instructors is valuable in understanding the basics AND fine points of each course. Getting to know them more personally also helps give you an understanding for the course: these are natural evolutions of the instructors' experience and backgrounds."
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"It was very enjoyable for me to meet all of you, to hear your areas of expertise and to be instructed in several new areas of thought. I enjoyed getting a better feeling for some of your services and how they fit together. I was able to ask questions that were personal weaknesses and get direct answers that strengthened my foundational understanding of the options trading method that I'm learning and enjoying very much. It was a very beneficial experience for me and I thank you all for making it possible."
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"Speaker's knowledge of topics was impressive. Enjoyed discussing trading with other members. Feel more confident in my trading now."
When YOU Reserve Your Seat, You'll be in the room with other like-minded investors who all have the same goal:
Learning How To Make More Money.
Reserve Your Last Minute Seat Today for Just $99.

You will learn options and stock strategies - in-depth, and with live trading so you put what you learn into immediate action - right there, during the conference with the help of our key training and trading experts.

But The Most Important Reason to Attend Investor's Blueprint Live?
Networking with other investors

No matter which service you are a member of, our live conference gives you time to meet with other members to share experiences and ideas. Every conference has had the same positive feedback: the interaction with other members, learning and sharing with them.

"(My biggest benefit was) Spending time, one-on-one, with our instructors, both in and out of class. Also, meeting, and speaking with, other like-minded individuals."
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Event Details: Investor's Blueprint Live 2019

When: January 28-30, 2019

Where: Hyatt Place Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida

Monday, January 28, 2019: 8:30am to 5pm
Tuesday, January 29, 2019: 9am to 5pm
Wednesday, January 30, 2019: 9am to Noon

Lunch provided on Monday and Tuesday

Private reception and happy hour on Monday and Tuesday (spouses or significant others are welcome to attend the receptions at no additional cost to you)

You should plan to arrive on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

The last session of the conference will be from 10:30am to Noon on Wednesday for those who want to make earlier flight arrangements.

Your Investor's Blueprint Live Experts:

Michael Shulman, Options Strategies for Maximum Income
Jon Lewis, Credit and Debit Spread Options Strategies
Bob Iaccino, Stock Investing Strategies and Tactics
John Hutchinson, Co-Publisher, Traders Reserve
David Durham, Co-Publisher, Traders Reserve

Reserve Your Seat Today for Just $99.

2019 Investor’s Blueprint Live - Agenda

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Orlando, FL — Hyatt Place, Lake Buena Vista, FL
January 28 - January 30
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Monday, January 28, 2019

8:30 AM - Welcome and Housekeeping

9:00 AM  - Roundtable:  Trading Strategies for a “Unpredictable Stock Market 2019"

Michael Shulman

Jon Lewis

Bob Iaccino

9:30 AM - LEAP Call Trade Strategies 2.0 - Michael Shulman

The LEAP call trade is on of the most versatile option selling strategies that takes advantage of buying LEAP call options further out and selling short term calls that can result in 10% to 20% returns on income selling trades. This session will walk through the variations of a LEAP call trade from simple capital reduction and income generation to the use of the LEAP call in recovery strategies. Michael will place several Live LEAP call trades at the end of the session.

10:15 AM - Break

10:30 AM -The Power Profit Index - Jon Lewis

Jon will walk you through how he uses his unique Trade Scan to find profitable option trades for any market condition. Each week Jon runs his Trade Scan to construct his Power Profit Index, a proprietary methodology that ranks the best stocks for his premium-selling trades. This session will also include Live Trading, in which Jon will give you a few real-time trades based on his search criteria.

11:30 AM - The Stock Trader  — Bob Iaccino

How you can find stocks with potential gains of 20% to 160% and the simple tactics to BUY stocks at lower prices and sell them at HIGHER prices in 2019.

12:30 PM — Lunch

1:30 PM - Cash Acceleration: Advanced Trading Tactics—Michael Shulman

Michael will introduce new or variations of advanced trading tactics that are focused on leverage or reducing capital risk when selling options for income.  This session will include trading tactics that take advantage of synthetic positions to lower capital exposure while allowing the same covered call and put selling strategies to be employed that generate cash.  This session will include live trading of several of these new tactics taught.

2:15 PM - Trading Stocks in Extreme Market Volatility - Jon Lewis

Jon calls this session “Why I stopped worrying and learned to love Extreme Volatility”!  He’ll teach you how to generate regular cash payments in a high-volatility market (i.e., correction or bear markets) without risking or tying up large amounts of capital. Learn the tactical adjustments Jon used to rack up big wins during the market correction so that you too will learn to love volatility.  Don’t fear a bear market. Embrace it!

3:00 PM - Break

3:15 PM – Why Futures Should be Part of a Traders Toolbox — Bob Iaccino

A common sense discussion of futures products, their structure and usage and why they can sometimes be the better choice.

4:15 PM  Sponsor Presentation — E*Trade

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Cocktail Reception — Sponsored by E*Trade

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

9:00 AM - Traders Reserve Products and Services: How It All Fits Together - John Hutchinson and Dave Durham

9:30 AM - Offensive and Defensive Trade Management Strategies - Michael Shulman

Trade management of sold options positions is perhaps the most crucial skill to master when it comes to closing winning trades at a profit over time. Michael will focus on techniques for managing both open put and call positions including active call rolling down and up depending, rolling forward to capture more cash income and how to assignment to keep on generating cash income.

10:30 AM - Break

10:45 AM - Earnings Volatility Crush Trade — Jon Lewis

Everyone knows that stocks can experience sharp moves after earnings announcements, making them challenging to trade. Guessing direction is like flipping a coin, but one thing that’s a sure bet is how implied volatility drains from a stock the day after the earnings report. Jon will show you how to take advantage of this common occurrence to trade earnings with his Earnings Volatility Crush strategy using a spread trade (instead of a traditional “buy and hope” option) to collect real cash.  This session will include a live trading session with two earnings volatility crush trades.

11:15 AM - The Smart Portfolio for the Stock Market in 2019 - Bob Iaccino

Top secret (yes, really, top secret) portfolio strategy that protects you from market crashes while increasing your profits from stocks.

12:30 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - Trading Spreads on Steroids - Jon Lewis

The pros know that the most efficient way to make money-selling premium is by “taking off the hedges.” If you have the capital and understand that selling premium is the smartest way to make money in any type of market, you need to trade like the pros. In this session, Jon will introduce you to the basics of selling straddles and strangles. More importantly, you’ll learn the guidelines Jon uses to leverage these strategies and put the odds in your favor. If you want the greatest chance of success, these strategies need to be in your option trading toolbox.

2:30 PM - Hedging Your Portfolio With SPX (Hedging Calculator) - Michael Shulman

With the selling off on a weekly basis, income investors are looking for ways to hedge a part or all of their income portfolio in anticipation of a future market correction.  Michael will walk attendees through how, what, why and the mechanics of placing the hedge trade and managing the trade once it’s in place. Attendees will also get access to Michael’s proprietary Hedging Calculator and Michael will walk through how to use the calculator to set-up a trade while Live Trading a hedge position during the session.

3:30 PM - Break

3:45 - TBD

4:30 - Tax Strategies for Traders — Special Tax Analyst, TBD

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM:  Happy Hour Reception

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

9:00 AM - Income Masters Private Session — Michael Shulman

2019 Outlook

2019 Stocks to Trade Preview

Key New Tactics

Membership Enhancements

10:00 AM – How To Hedge Your Portfolio With Futures – Bob Iaccino

Hedging a stock portfolio with futures. Not so obvious time where it makes sense to hedge with futures.

11:00 AM – Crude Oil Futures Training Session — Bob Iaccino

Crude oil. Pure exposure to one of the most exciting, volatile and technical markets available to active investors.

Reserve Your Seat Today for Just $99.